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About Domestic Violence During Covid-19

Family Law Specialist Drogheda

Deirdre Moran

There have been significant changes to the law in relation to domestic violence over the past year. The Domestic Violence Act of 2018 and repealed all existing acts. 

There are now at least fifteen factors, if not more, that the Court must have regard to before making an order. The grounds on which a person can obtain an order under the domestic violence legislation has been expanded aswell. Prior to this you could only get an order based on actual violence of threat of violence. Now it has been widened to include as well as violence and threat of violence, what is called ‘coercive control’.

Deirdre talks at length about ‘coercive control’ and a number of issues with Gerry Kelly in the regular Talk to Tallans Radio Slot on LMFM. You’ll find the recordings below. They are only 10 minutes each. 

The courts are open for domestic violence hearings. 

If you know of anyone, or you yourself is struggling with Domestic Violence, please get in contact – in confidence. The courts are open for Domestic Violence cases. We are here to support and help.

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Brenda Rushe

Talk to Tallans Radio Interviews

In this first episode, Deirdre Moran introduces us to the concept of ‘coercive control’ and shares two landmark cases. She also talks about a plot in Coronation Street that some readers will be familiar with and how coercive control was featured in it. The interview is 12 minutes long. 

In this episode, Deirdre talks about the changes made to safety and protection orders. She outlines who can avail of safety and protection orders. She goes in depth about parents and an adult relationship. Deirdre also talked about the change relating to people residing in non-contractual relationship, e.g. relatives living with each other.

In this final instalment, among other topics, Deirdre talks about the abuser and how the Domestic Violence Act helps to get to the root cause of abusive behaviour. The Court can also recommend that the person against whom the Order is made engage in perpetrator  programmes, addiction services, counselling or financial planning programmes.

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