Domestic Violence during Covid19 - Episode 2

Domestic Violence during Covid19 - Episode 2

Deirdre Moran, partner and family law specialist with Tallans Solicitors LLP Drogheda continues sharing the changes in the Domestic Violence Act of 2019.

In this episode, she talks about the changes made to safety and protection orders. She outlines who can avail of safety and protection orders.

She goes in depth about parents and an adult relationship – did you know that 15% of Domestic Violence cases are parents seeking protection against adult children? 

Deirdre also talked about the change relating to people residing in non-contractual relationship, e.g. relatives living with each other.

Major changes also happened with Barring Orders in the new act and Deirdre explains the process of applying for an interim barring order and emergency barring orders.

Listen and share – as you don’t know who is suffering in silence. If you listen to this and can identify with it, please Talk to Tallans in confidence.

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In the first episode of our Domestic Violence series, Deirdre introduces us to the concept of ‘coercive control’ in the new legislation and shares two landmark cases. She also talks about a plot in Coronation Street that some readers will be familiar with and how coercive control was featured in it. The interview is 12 minutes long.