Martin Conmey Receives Apology from State over Miscarriage of Justice

Martin Conmey Receives Apology from State over Miscarriage of Justice

We are delighted to announce that our client Martin Conmey has received an apology from the State, forty years after he was wrongly convicted of manslaughter.

The minister for justice and equality, on behalf of the State, wishes to formally acknowledge that Mr Martin Conmey, who was convicted of certain offences in 1973 and served a term of imprisonment, was a victim of a miscarriage of justice,” the State’s lawyer, Shane Murphy, read to the court.

“The State apologises unreservedly to Mr Conmey. The State regrets the pain and loss experienced by Mr Conmey as a result of his imprisonment and has taken steps to pay appropriate compensation to him.”

Mr Conmey said he resolved to clear his name after seeing the Guildford Four released in the Old Bailey in 1989 after their convictions for IRA bombings were overturned.

He has often said this to us but told the Irish Examiner “I’ll never forget that evening,” he said. “My son was only six months old and after seeing Gerry Conlon outside the Old Bailey I went into the kitchen crying, and Anne [my wife] asked me what was wrong. I said I’d clear my name, if not for me, then for my son.”

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Martin gave a very honest interview with Pat Kenny on The Pat Kenny Live Show while Deirdre, partner here at Tallans explained the legalities.

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