Medical Negligence –  Talk to Tallans

Medical Negligence – Talk to Tallans

Medical negligence occurs when you suffer an injury as a result of a health care professional not providing a proper level of care.

Sheila Cooney and the team at Tallans have been working on medical negligence cases since the term ‘medical negligence’ was coined back in the 1980s.

Med neg, as it’s often referred as, is hard to prove, however it has been established in many, many cases through the years.

Sheila’s knowledge about medical negligence is incredibly vast. Even before her time on the Hep C Compensation Tribunal, she was an experienced personal injury litigator. In fact, that was one of the reasons why she was chosen as the first solicitor to be on the Hepatitis C Compensation Tribunal.

Why Choose Tallans for Medical Negligence Cases:

1. Team of Experts on Speed Dial

Tallans are the only solicitors in the North East who have a team of medical experts in the UK on every medical speciality – vascular, cancer, surgery and much more.

2. Expertise on Compensation

Sheila and team are well experienced in understanding compensation levels when it comes to medical negligence cases. Sheila was chosen to sit on the HepatitisC Compensation Tribunal and witnessed first hand the anguish of victims.

3. Advise on the Value of a Case

The solicitors at Tallans, due to the level of expertise can advise on the value of a case. Medical negligence is hard to prove. The law in Ireland states that you need an expert report from a suitably qualified expert.

In addition, Sheila’s experience in medical knowledge is itself phenomenal because of the amount of cases she has worked on.

4. Liaise with other solicitors

There are a few expert medical negligence solicitors around the country. Tallans is one of them and they all liaise with each other.

5. Confidence is guaranteed

While Sheila and the team are actively pursuing cases in a variety of medical negligence cases, we are not shouting it from the roof tops. Your confidentiality is more important to us.

6. Medical Negligence is traumatic enough

Being hurt by the medical profession is traumatic enough. Now, you don’t have to travel far to speak with medical negligence expert solicitors in Drogheda and Ashbourne.

If you think you have suffered as a result of medical negligence, talk to Tallans today in confidence.

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