Why Do You Need A Personal Injury Solicitor?

Why Do You Need A Personal Injury Solicitor?

Hiring a personal injury solicitor can be a big decision for most people.

If you have recently had an accident, broken an arm, fractured a limb, undergone emotional stress or trauma due to another person, you may be wondering what your options are? You may be wondering if it is right to hire a Personal Injury solicitor to help you?

Who is a personal injury solicitor?

A personal injury solicitor is someone who specialises in taking up personal injury cases where the victim is emotionally or physically injured due to others’ negligence.

A personal injury solicitor will help you walk through the whole process of your injury claim.

Why do you require a Personal Injury Solicitor?

Firstly, your injury solicitors know what they are doing. They will talk you through the process and help you with the different hurdles of the process.

We believe there are good reasons to contact a solicitor before going to the Injuries Board. You can only make a claim for compensation against the person, or company identified by their correct name on the form. Often, there could be more than one person or company to make a claim against and it’s important to add them on the list before you submit the form. 

Another reason to use a solicitor is when the award is being made. We can advise you on the consequences for you either accepting or rejecting the claim and what might be the best course of action for you. The Injuries Board does not advise you whether it is a good, bad or fair assessment. 

There are also strict timelines within which the claim must be accepted or it is deemed to be rejected. 

That’s another reason why it’s good to use a solicitor with you at PIAB when submitting a claim to the Injuries Board. You will benefit from our experience as to whether it’s a fair settlement and you are getting properly compensated.


Why else?

We can also get an out-of-court settlement done if the individual or company accepts their fault. This will not only speed up the process but will also reduce the court and office visits.

If the offending party rejects your claim or the compensation amount given by PIAB, your injury solicitor can bring your case to the courts. They have experience regarding the same, and they can anticipate the positives and negatives of the case. That way, you will be prepared for anything. They can have all the documents and the arguments ready.

Hiring a personal injury solicitor can increase your chances of getting the result you deserve.

Insurance companies are disputing liability in an increasing number of cases so it’s important to get advice from a specialised personal injury solicitor who has plenty of experience with this.

Lastly, from the collection of the evidence to scrutinizing it, you need legal assistance.

Now that you know why it is so important to get a Personal injury solicitor for yourself, learn more about the personal injury claim and its procedure on our personal injury page.