Talk To Tallans - About Wills

Talk To Tallans - About Wills

In this month’s Talk to Tallans, we continued our discussion with Gerry Kelly of LMFM. There were so many questions that came in after the last show about wills. Deirdre covered a lot of them in this episode.

Listen at your leisure here:


Some questions include:

Q: If you were adopted and made contact with your birth mother, would you be entitled to anything?

Q: Can prize bonds be transferred after the owner has died?

Q: What about inheriting debt? Can your children inherit a bank loan?

Q: How do I find out if my son was left anything by this father in his will? We’ve separated and have no contact. He always said he’d leave him something.

Q: I have a friend who made a will. His solicitor never asked about his assets. Plus he got one of the staff to witness the will. Is that ok?

Q: How much does it cost to make a will?

Q: What do I need to bring with me when I go to a solicitor to make my will

Q: My husband works a small farm before and after his Dad died. The Dad left no will. There are two other siblings. All has to be sold, even though my husband gave his life for this unpaid work. Can he claim anything?

Enjoy – and if you have any questions related to wills, Talk to Tallans on 041 9838708, 01 835 2027 or email