Types of Personal Injuries

Types of Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries states that a person has suffered physical or emotional pain, stress, or loss due to others’ negligence. A person can file a lawsuit against the people or the entity causing this stress or loss due to negligence or plain misconduct. When it comes to personal injuries, people generally think about car accidents. But, there are numerous other types of personal injuries. Let’s have a look at the possible personal injuries one can suffer.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is a situation where a doctor fails to follow the accepted standards of medical care. It is different from a medical complication, in a medical complication, a patient’s body might not respond to the treatment naturally. In a medical negligence case, the doctor either prescribes a wrong medication to a patient or makes a mistake during the treatment, which can cause an irreplaceable loss.

Products Liability

In a case of Product Liability injury, a person faces trauma and distress due to a wide variety of products or the company providing the product or the service. The whole idea behind this personal injury is that the product was designed in such a way that caused harm and irreplaceable loss to its user, and the user has the right to file a claim against the company selling that product or service.

Premises Liability

Premises liability cases refer to Slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents refer to a person who’s slipped and fallen on a wet surface and have faced serious physical or emotional damage. It also refers to the cases where the property owner fails to maintain their property safely. It results in accidents such as, faulty electric ports, low-quality paint, and even collapsing of the roof, which can eventually cause serious damage to the victim.


It refers to the serious injury caused to the victim’s reputation due to a false and defamatory statement made to the public about the victim. This kind of personal injury is equally disturbing, and the victim has the right to make a claim.

Dog Bite Claims

In case of a Dog Bite Personal injuries, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the victim is injured by a dog, provided the victim didn’t provoke the dog, nor did the victim trespass a property. Only then the victim can make a dog bite claim.

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