Get the Address of the Other Person Involved in an Accident

You MUST get the address of the other person involved in road accident. Here’s why and please share. When you are involved in a road traffic accident, it is important that you gather as much information as possible. Our five step guide  gives you five quick things to do straightaway. Step 3 advises you to

Talk to Tallans….about DX Delivery

We had a question in from a client about the DX Number and why solicitors use the DX Delivery System. We thought we’d share it on our website as others might wonder the same thing. Document Exchange (DX) first began around 1975 when solicitors, barristers and the legal system began to rely on a delivery

Are you an Ostrich?

No, it’s not a trick question! However, many people who walk through our doors take an ostrich approach to estate planning and making wills. “I’ll get around to it tomorrow!” they say. Data from the US back in 2014 showed that 51% of Americans don’t have wills. A report from the UK last year said